Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mashed Up Halloween!

Halloween is around the corner and it's time to start planning costumes!  But what happens when you can't find the ONE perfect pattern for what your little one wants to be?  You improvise and mash together two (or more) patterns!

My daughter was obsessed with The Pirate Fairy and wanted to be Zarina.  But I couldn't find the perfect pirate fairy pattern.  So I raided my pattern stash on the computer and picked two patterns to mash up.

We needed a peasant style top with a flat front, so I picked the FooFoo Threads Sugarplum Princess Dress and lengthened the sleeves.

Next to figure out the skirt.  Zarina's skirt is kinda bunched up and gathered, so I wanted something that would have that look but still be long enough to pass the "Daddy Standard".  I landed on the Create Kids Couture Poppy Dress.  I used shirring to gather up the side instead of a casing and tie.  That way, we don't have to worry about ties coming undone while playing!

My little Pixie has gotten so much wear out of this simple mash up of mine.

She's played Pirate Fairy dress up.

She wore it to Krispy Kreme on Talk Like a Pirate Day for some free donuts.

She wore it to our local library for their Pirate Day celebration!

Of course, every fairy needs a good pair of fairy wings!  
These are from my shop, MaeFlowers & JuneBugs

What's on your cutting table this weekend?

~Princess Bee~

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Napped Fabrics: Things to keep in mind

This week, we shipped out some beautiful corduroy fabrics to all our Beauties and thought we might offer up some tips for sewing with corduroy and other napped fabrics.

What does "napped" mean?  A napped fabric is one with a "nap", meaning that the fabric is textured and will look different from different angles.  Types of napped fabrics include corduroy, velvet, velveteen, Minky, faux fur, suede, and velour.

So, what does that mean when sewing?  Well, the main thing to remember is pattern layout.  Before you cut, you should "pet" your fabric to find out which way the nap runs.  Think of how your dog or cat's coat feels when you pet them.  Going from head to tail, the fur lays down nicely and it just feels "right", doesn't it?  Now pet them from tail to head and see how different it is.  The fur doesn't lay down at all, it sticks up, it's just not "right".  That's what nap is like.  And when you're cutting out a pattern from fabric with a nap, you need to pay attention to which way the nap is running.  It does make laying out pattern pieces a little more complicated, just like with a one-way print.  You can't flip pattern pieces over to get the most out of the fabric or your finished garment won't look right.

Another thing to keep in mind is pressing fabrics with nap.  Some of them can be damaged by heat and can't be pressed, some of them need a press cloth, some of them are just fine.  For this, you'll just have to take a few scraps and experiment.  Look at the settings on your iron for a starting guide to what heat setting should be used.  See how the fabric reacts without a press cloth.  Try with the press cloth.  Just remember to do this step before it's time to iron your garment/project that you're working on so it doesn't end is disaster!

When sewing fabrics with nap, I've found a walking foot is a blessing!  Especially on fabrics like velvet and Minky!  A walking foot will ensure that both the top and bottom layers of fabric are being fed through your machine at the exact same speed, unlike a regular foot where the bottom fabric is being fed through and the top layer is just along for the ride.

Those are my top three tips for sewing with napped fabrics.  What would you add?  Please comment with any other tips and tricks you've learned by sewing with napped fabric!

~Princess Bee~

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bee Inspired: In the Kitchen

Hey Good Looking, What ya got cooking?  Moms spend a lot of time in the kitchen, why not make some goodies to use while you're in there?  I've rounded up some tutorials on Pinterest that are a little different than most of your usual kitchen sewing projects.

If your kitchen is anything like mine, and your kids are like mine, there is never a hand towel to be found when I need one.  My kids think that after drying their hands just one time, the towel needs to be thrown in the laundry.  I try to keep one or two hanging from the oven, but they don't stick around long, the kids don't take the time to re-hang them right so they're always on the floor.  What if they just had to toss the towel in the direction of the oven and it would just stick?  Wouldn't that be awesome?  This easy tutorial walks you through how to make that happen.

Picture from

On the topic of towels and such, have you seen the latest craze of "un-paper towels"?  Talk about a way to save in the budget, not having to buy any more paper towels!!!  I've seen a few different ways to make them, but this way looks to be the easiest.

Picture from

Another thing I've noticed in my kitchen is that I have a problem finding two pot holders when I need them.  Usually, I've got one or I have two of the glove style ones, but they're for the same hand, so I'm still out of luck.  This pretty pot holder solves that problem!  And it's so sweet, too!  Perfect for a housewarming gift!

Picture from

I think I have a few little projects to do this week for my kitchen!  These are adorable!  You can find more on our Kitchen Craft board on Pinterest.

~Princess Bee~

Friday, September 12, 2014

Adventures with Layna, Holly and Molly

Today, we had to go into Dallas to pay Layna's Girl Scout dues and the Council office is within 5 miles of the Dallas American Girl Store, so we just had to stop in!  Especially since they just re-released Samantha and I wanted to see her.  Samantha was the AG doll that my parents got me when I was about Layna's age and I still have her.  She's put up in storage for now.

We recently added a new AG doll to our family and Layna has named her Holly.  I was so excited to find a genuine American Girl doll at a resell shop for only $40.  She's one of the My American Girl dolls and Layna loves her.  But for an outing to the AG Store, she needed a new outfit.  So Layna helped me out in the sewing room thing morning.

She did a good job cutting, ironing and sewing this morning!  Shortly after lunch, Molly and Holly had new matching outfits and were ready for a day out!

However, they were both in need of a trip to the salon!  So off we went!

Layna liked looking around while we waited for Holly and Molly to get their hair done.  My favorite part was seeing Samantha on display all over the store!  Layna wanted to take home Samantha's Ice Cream Parlor.  Maybe for Christmas!

After their hair was done, we had to stop by the Bistro for a treat!  Holly and Molly got to enjoy a nice cup of tea with us!  Don't they look great?

Here are my girls in their matching outfits, all made from Henry Glass Fabrics.  

Bye-bye AG Store!!!

Patterns we used: 

Doll Tops: Sweet and Simple Shirt by Carla C Dolly Designs (I cannot find the link for this pattern, if I find it, I will update)

We had a blast today making our matching AG outfits and having a fun day in the American Girl Store!  Now it's time to get Layna and her girls in bed!!!  G'night!

~Princess Bee~

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bee Inspired: Grab and Go

This week, let's find some projects to use up all the scraps from our recent projects!  I've found a few little "grab and go" scrap busters that might come in handy for all of us!

Most of us are parents and part of being a parent is accepting that your child will get hurt.  Normally, we just have to deal with bumps and bruises, scrapes and scratches, and an occasional bug bite or sting.  Easy stuff that we are all familiar with, yet we usually find ourselves without the most basic supplies if we're away from our home.  This quick little tutorial will help with that problem!  You can toss it in your purse or make one for each of the cars in your family.  I plan on making three, one for my truck, one of Hubs' car and one for our homeschool bin that we take to co-op each week.

Photo from

Dealing with the stress of our kids can sometimes take its toll and it's so nice to have a little Mommy Time and get pampered.  The next tutorial I found is for a cute little manicure bag that will keep your nail polish and supplies all neatly organized.  The only problem I see is that it doesn't have enough pockets for my 50+ bottles of nail polish!!!  But for a weekend away, I guess I only need 4 bottles...

Photo from

And speaking of Mom Time, I particularly love getting lost in a good book and I almost always have my Kindle Fire with me.  As much as I love the feel of a bound book in my hands, I do love having a small library in my purse.  But electronics do require a level of protection when out and about and what better way than with a case as cute as this one?  And it even has pockets for your debit cards and cash!

Photo by

I hope you enjoy this week's round up of "Grab and Go" projects!  Be sure to post pictures in our facebook group, Bee Quilted Beauties, on Saturdays!

~Princess Bee~

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bee Inspired: Self Care Sewing

Now that almost everyone's kiddos are back in school, it's time to start focusing on sewing for ourselves!!!  So for this evening's Bee Inspired post, we're focusing on "Self Care Sewing".

What is Self Care Sewing?  It's a term coined by the ladies at Pattern Revolution and we were all part of a movement to remove the phrase "Selfish Sewing" from the sewing world.  Sewing for yourself isn't selfish, it's a way to take care of yourself.  You can join the movement here at Pattern Revolution.

So, now that you're ready to do some Self Care Sewing, here are a few tutorials to inspire you!

First up, we'll start simple with a women's pillowcase dress from Melly Sews.  This one is so cute for holding on to those last days of summer!  And super easy!!

Photo Credit: Melly Sews

Next, I found this adorable waterfall tank from So Sew Easy while browsing around Pinterest.

Photo Credit: So Sew Easy

Finally, I have something a little challenging for those of you who are wanting to expand your skills!  Sew Country Chick walks you through drafting your own hi-lo dress.

Photo Credit: Sew Country Chick

So, who's ready for some Self Care Sewing, now that you have a little bit of free time during the day?

~Princess Bee~